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Chimney sweep Essex

A professional, fully insured Chimney Sweep service based in Thaxted, Essex. 
We cover Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Cambridge.


Chimney sweeping services

Chimneys need to allow the free passage of dangerous combustion gases. Regular sweeping will remove soot, bird nests, cobwebs and other blockages. It also removes creosote, which will help to prevent dangerous chimney fires. Chimney sweeping will also increase the efficiency of some appliances.

smoke test
Chimney sweep Essex

If you are unsure on the condition of your chimney then a CCTV camera can be used to inspect the condition of the chimney. 

Bird nest removal

 A blocked chimney may result in smoke or lethal Carbon Monoxide coming into your home or even cause a chimney fire.

Chimney Bird Guard

A “smoke test” should be carried out if you're unsure about the condition of the flue, or have been experiencing the smell of smoke within other parts of the property.

A chimney cowl is an excellent way to prevent down draft and a bird guard is a great way to stop animals nesting in your chimney.

Chris N - Bedfordshire

"Very Professional, arrived on time, explained the whole process to me, and was very tidy. Would highly recommend and will be using again when next sweep is due."
Chimney sweep Essex
Chimney sweep Essex
Chimney sweep Essex
Chimney sweep Essex
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